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Snow Plow Mounting Block
Fits Arctic Sectional Plows

Replaces OEM 10205 and 10208


Fits any Arctic Sectional Snow Plow for Skid-Steer loaders

One part used for both upper and lower mounts 


These Severe Duty  direct fit replacement parts are virtually unbreakable, ending the frustration of broken mounting blocks due to incidental contact while stacking snow piles or snagging ice patches. These won't leave you hanging at 3am in a snowstorm. Made with Nylon reinforced belt,  WaterJet cut to perfection with severe duty clamping  hardware for pushing rigidity. Absorbs impact protecting the blade and machine, yet wont break when you could otherwise drive away without issue. It's not the machine operators fault that mounting blocks break. Polyurethane blocks are simply not strong enough for what's demanded of them. Make this the last time you replace them. 100% satisfaction guarantee after they are installed. 

~ born out of frustration, it was a problem that needed to be solved. A year and a half of prototyping with all sorts of urethanes, chains, cables, molds, kevlar, and this is the answer. It works perfectly. ~


Use on either the top or bottom position. Can be used in combination with your existing blocks. 


Videos open with YouTube

blade lower angle.bmp

Watch this video. We built a test rig to simulate an OEM mount exactly.  The first scene in the video shows us breaking an OEM mount in 32 seconds. We could not break ours at all. 

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