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  • Floating Box- the patented extended pin and slide system allow the plow box and machine to glide over uneven surfaces independently.

  • Floating Wings- the wings will ride up the curb or other obstacle before it engages the trip edge. The wings will also flip up completely out of the way for backdragging without getting out of the machine and without the need for aux hydraulics. 

  • See thru moldboard allows the user to see exactly what the snow is doing in the box. It also allows the user to get as close as he dares to doors, docks and cars when backdragging. Once you use a see thru moldboard, you will never use anything else. 

  • Your choice of Polly backed rubber cutting edge or steel cutting edge 

  • 9" tall full length trip edge plus 3 or more inches in the slides give a full 12"+  trip capability. 

  • Adjustable top links fine tune the wings to fit any machine perfectly. Adjustments are done without any tools and can be done on site in only a few minutes. Once adjusted you are good for the season.  The polly shoes on the wings will last many seasons without wearing down when properly tuned. The wings hold the snow, they dont ride the ground. 

  • 8' wide

  • floating box

  • floating wing

  • full lenght trip edge

  • choice of polly backed rubber or steel cutting edge

  • clear pollycarbonate moldboard

  • choice of color

  • universal mount

  • Allow 2 weeks to build.


Innovation at its best.

floating box, floating wing

see thru snow pusher

patent pending


Business Title

How to use 

  • Mount attachment to machine as usual . Dont worry about hydraulic lines and frozen fittings because there are none.

  • Put machine arms all the way down, uncurl untill the pins are about midway in the slide. Thats it, your ready to go. Simple. No training videos needed for this. You really can't mess it up. 

  • Need down pressure? No problem. Uncurl till the pins are at the bottom of the slide. This makes the blade rigid and you can drive around all night with your front tires off the ground if you want,,

  • Time to do some backdragging. Curl the bucket all the way up. Raise up the arms of your machine  untill you hear 2 loud clunks.  Keep the machine fully curled then set the arms all the way down. The wings are now out of the way and you're ready to backdrag. Flip the wings down when you're done. The wings can be locked in the up position if you're backdragging alot, or if your machine is really jumpy. 

  • Hit snow piles head on as hard as you want. You are not breaking the wings.  

  • Drive fast, make piles, get paid!

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